Big Feet


We were eating a delicious, healthy light lunch of tzatziki and Greek salad when Elisa said: “I want to be bigger.”
We asked her, “Why?”
Elisa replied, “Because I want a bigger feet.”
So we were curious, “Why do you want to have a bigger feet?”
She answered smiling, “I want to be the boss.”

Camiel told her, “We’ll see. First eat well so you will be stronger and bigger.”

Elisa smiled back, “aw Papa!”

I was very amused and reflected…

So, are you a boss?
Do you have big feet?

Take a look at your feet, is it big? Is it small? You are not yet a boss? Then you’ve got some road to walk and work on to be one.

Big or small feet, boss or not: never tread on the rights of others nor trample on the good will and good deeds of others.

A respectful, honest, fair, productive, compassionate, understanding, humble, supportive, precise, systematic, industrious boss is good to have yet to have one with all those qualities combined is a great luck in any working atmosphere.

Angelica Hopes

Summer 2013
Hotel Dino’s, Tsilivi
Zakynthos, Greece

Odyssey of a Heart, Home of a Soul
Copyright © Angelica Hopes.
All rights reserved.


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