Melt It, The Unique Way


You have the power to melt any relationship damages and miscommunication through humble acceptance, proper dialogue and sincere forgiveness.

One’s resentment and hatred rising from offensive circumstances or very disappointing situations involving human relationship can melt like a sweet ice cream when one faces the reality, accepts the situation, do something about to improve the circumstance and forgive any form of misgivings.

It is not easy to forgive especially if the offenses done to us are repetitive, however, we are also given a chance and choice to either suffer in anger or resolve matters in a peaceful and harmonious manner.

Seeking purity of one’s heart who embraces meek acceptance by first forgiving one’s self before we can forgive others is a step towards the path of forgiveness.

Forgiveness melts anything in its most unique, touching way.

An honest dialogue which involves true deep listening and honest opening topped with respect give way to effective communication to patch up any misunderstanding.

– Angelica Hopes, reflections

Odyssey of a Heart, Home of a Soul
Copyright © Angelica Hopes.
All rights reserved.

Angelica Hopes



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