Blessings of Challenges and Wisdom


As I happily follow and read the news on World Youth Day 2013 in Brazil, it gave me again reflective thoughts of how WYD 1995 had changed my life paving way to my harder, darker, sadder struggling years in Switzerland where worst bitter circumstances I have transformed into a better determined awakening, sharing and inspiring. A wholesome moral, logical, emotional, professional, intellectual, spiritual and maternal growth emerged out of those struggles, as you find me nowadays sharing daily thoughts of inspirations.

Looking back through all these years, God blessed me with challenges as I embrace many graces of wisdom. Without losing faith in God, years after my awakening and my prayers in Mont Saint Michel in 2006, He answered my prayers as He blessed me, Teresa and Giulia with Camiel and Elisa in 2008 and 2009.

God never forgets nor forsake a used, battered, strong, faithful, repentant, meek and generous heart.

Angelica Hopes Reflections on WYD 1995

Summer 2013
Hotel Dino’s, Tsilivi
Zakynthos, Greece

Odyssey of a Heart, Home of a Soul
Copyright © Angelica Hopes.
All rights reserved.


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