De Boze WC – “The Angry Water Closet”


On the first day at Hotel Dinos in Tsilivi, Zakynthos, my four year old Elisa pulled me to the toilet, “Mommy, come!”

She asked, “How come the WC is angry?”

I told her that the sticker symbol means, “The toilet bowl is not actually angry but it will be sad and angry if you throw toilet paper in the bowl.  The cross means don’t throw any toilet paper on the bowl.”

After she came out of the toilet, she asked me again, “Mommy, the WC is still angry but I did not throw any toilet paper in the bowl!”

So I explained to her again about inanimate objects such as sticker symbols as sign to be respected when it comes to cleanliness, safety and for what is good for others too.

What strikes me on my little girl’s remark is the mention of “still angry.”

That’s one of the frequent state and feelings that even both adults or children have difficulty to control. The cause of anger, our reaction to anger and our ways to conquer anger.

Part of being a parent, we guide and give children control over their emotional world. Various emotional reactions rise from situations such as anger, defiance, negotiation, lying, self pity, pressure, frustration, alienation, being the victim, whining, competition and inequality.

Give them tools they need to control their emotional world like teaching them how to use their emotions productively, holding them accountable for the emotional games they play, let them be aware and understand that they have their choice to use or not to use which particular emotions coming from sensations they need to be aware of and what is its impact around them.

Musings of a Parent © 2013 Ana Angelica Abaya van Doorn

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